Wednesday 29 July 2015

I plan to run tomorrow

I plan to Run Tomorrow. 

After every run , the Top Gear Mig group spends about 15 minutes stretching.

On some of the day's,  the stretching is done at a park in the Bandra-Kurla complex.  

It's a nice open space with some greenery amidst a concrete and glass jungle.

At that early hour, the park is empty except for our running group, a senior citizen's laughing club and some mosquitoes.

The Senior citizens laughing club perform their morning exercises not far from where  we do our stretching.  

They also do some stretching and strengthening before they start their wonderful laughter. 

Although I notice them as I walk past them, I've never really paid much attention, until today. 

Today after we finished stretching we were walking past them towards our parked car. 

One senior citizen gentleman was conducting their morning routine.   

All of them were standing in a large circle as he shouted out something. I noticed that they were repeating in chorus whatever he was saying. 

His words caught my ear !

He shouted, ". We are not old", and they repeated, "We are not old".

He shouted ," We are healthy " and they repeated , "We are healthy" 

He shouted, "We are blessed " and they repeated, "We are blessed " 

He shouted, "We are proud citizens of India" and they repeated, " We are proud citizens of India"

He shouted,  "We will be here again tomorrow morning." 

And the reply back came loud and clear and emphatic  "We will be here again tomorrow morning !!"

The words startled me : "We will be here again tomorrow morning !!" 

When I assimilated those words,  I was moved. I felt a tug at my heart. I wanted to go and hug each one of them. 

They were so aware of this gift of life. They were so aware of the fragility and fleetingness of life. 

I'm just so blind. I keep planning for the future, which is fine,  but at the same time,  I do not acknowledged the blessing of life every single day, leave alone every single moment. 

I simply forget that every day is such a privilege.    

I understand that shouting-out aloud, "We will be here again tomorrow", does not ensure it.   But it does make us realise and acknowledged the possibility that we might not be here tomorrow. 

And perhaps if we realise that possibility, we will be aware enough to spend today as it should be spent... In living a good honourable life ! 

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